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VF Goods is an import, export and distribution company dedicated to providing high quality and eco-conscious consumer products which serve our customers while also helping to improve our communities and sustain the planet. With operations in the western and eastern United States and in the Czech Republic, VF Goods has established an international platform to introduce and deliver unique products between and throughout the U.S.A., the Americas (North, Central and South America & the Caribbean), Eastern Europe and other worldwide markets.

VF Goods is a primary distributor worldwide of SPIDER BAG® – an amazingly strong, durable and eco-friendly reusable bag. SPIDER BAG is compact, expansive, long lasting, easy-to-clean (machine-washable), very functional, always fashionable – and available in many styles, sizes, colors and combinations, including the Everyday (shopping tote/carryall/storage bag), Over-The-Shoulder, LargeXXL, and Backpack SPIDER BAGs.

SPIDER BAG® is the optimal reusable ‘shopping – storage – carryall’ bag solution!


Engineered and constructed with mega-weaved polyester fibers, SPIDER BAG is a high technet-style, multi-purpose bag with integrated handles and reinforced seams, and without the assembled and sewn-on components and failure points of other reusable bags. Compact, machine or hand washable, and quick drying – it packs easily and stays clean – so it’s convenient, used more, healthier, and lasts longer!

SPIDER BAG has amazing utility, capacity, performance, and style. It’s the perfect ‘go to’, anytime/anywhere solution for groceries, beverages, books, sports equipment, outdoor and beach gear, clothes, laundry, household items, storage, transport, cruising around town, and so much more — it’s practically limitless!

get-attachment (16) (426x640)With hundreds and hundreds of uses, and re-uses, SPIDER BAG is a convenient and eco-friendly  “all around problem solver”!

Here are just a handful of the many ways, purposes and occasions where SPIDER BAG excels:

  • Grocery/Retail stores & Farmers markets – compact, handy, super strong, expansive, durable, long-lasting, easily machine-washed, cleaner = healthier, integrated handles & seams, see-throughhangs well: @ checkout, car, home
  • Storage – in pantries, closets, bedrooms, playrooms, bathrooms, basements, garages, attics, sheds, lockers, vehicles: each bag holds LOTS of visible contents
  • Laundry – for clothes & laundry: strong, expansive, breathable; store, hang, carry, wash, air dry; colors don’t bleed — just throw it in the wash with your stuff!
  • Students – for books, supplies, food, drinks, gym clothes/laundry; in lockers, closets, rooms, dorms; easy & convenient organization, storage and transport
  • The Backpack backup – keep SPIDER BAG in backpacks as an instant solution for extra books, supplies, clothes, gym/sports gear, dirty or wet stuff … to help “take the weight off their back”!
  • Sports Teams & Equipment – hold/carry/store sports equipment, balls, uniforms, drinks; breathable, dirt escapes, easy to wash and dry; stays cleaner and healthier; integrated handles and seams = stays functional longer!
  • Stadiums/Arenas, Amusement Parks & Events‘see through’ carryall bag for quick, safe entry through security; great for personal belongings, clothes, gear, food/drinks, shopping; multi-purpose tailgating & picnic bag!
  • Travel, Transportation and Adventureperfect for all types of local + long-distance travel:  in vehicles/boats/RV’s, on planes: instant carry-on solution, cruises, hotels and resorts (excursions, shopping, ocean & pool, storage, laundry), camping, hiking, picnics, at the beach, etc.!
  • Gifts – an ideal, “do anything” solution for everyone; a perfect holiday gift and in ‘care packages’!
  • Fundraising – make some ‘green’ while going green with a unique, high quality product that delivers real customer value and great profits for your organization throughout the year!

Red White and Blue Weave - Everyday Spider BagAs VF Goods’ anchor product, we are proud to provide and represent SPIDER BAG as a high value offering for our retail, brand and distribution clients. VF Goods continually seeks to develop alliances with product manufacturers, retailers, distributors, branded companies, marketing agencies and others who are equally committed to introducing and delivering unique, high quality, sustainable consumer products in our target markets.

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